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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Names, addresses and contact details provided will be shared with couriers for shipping purposes only. Our couriers handle this information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. Please only include postage details that you are happy to be shared with couriers.

Blocked users
We reserve the right to block or end communication with people who are abusive or do not follow appropriate procedures.

Feedback and complaints
Our number one priority is that our customers are happy. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience, please forward your feedback to our Customer Service team. Please always get in touch with us before leaving public feedback.

Customer Service
For enquiries regarding specific items, please contact our Customer Service and if possible copy and paste the URL address of the item in question.

For general Customer Service enquiries, including Returns and Shipping, please contact our Customer Service.

Returns Policy

Returns Policy

Change-of-mind Policy
Posh Opp Shoppes do not currently offer change-of-mind refunds. Please choose your items carefully.

Faulty goods Policy
Refunds are offered where your purchase is deemed to be faulty, the goods do not do what you would reasonably expect or the item does not match the description provided.
In the instance where you are entitled to a refund, you must bring the item back to the store of purchase with proof of purchase.

Online_Auction_ T&Cs

Online Auctions & Items only

Bidding on Items
By bidding, you are stating that you are ready and willing to purchase that item for your bid amount, plus any shipping charges disclosed in the listing. If you are outbid, or your bid does not meet the reserve price, you are under no obligation to buy. But in all other cases, you are entering a contract to buy the item, and to deliver payment within the time period specified (48 hours from auction closing). If you cannot pay please don’t bid. Your bids are final and non-retractable. We will not accept e-mail bids. Posh Opp Shoppe auctions are open to the general public and this includes JCAS / Posh Opp Shoppe board members, volunteers and employees.

Starting Bid
Posh Opp Shoppe will predetermine the number of Item(s) in an auction. Posh Opp Shoppe will set the starting bid on each item. The Starting Bid is designed to encourage bidding. If an item is incorrectly described online, Posh Opp Shoppe reserves the right to rectify such error and email to all active bidders the correct description.

Reserve Auctions
Unless explicitly stated otherwise by Posh Opp Shoppe, each Lot is being sold with reserve as a reserve auction. These terms are applicable to all reserve auctions. Posh Opp Shoppe maintains the right to withdraw any property before and during the sale of such property. The reserve price may not be disclosed. All bids are raised in a minimum of ten dollars ($10) increments and Posh Opp Shoppe, at its sole and complete discretion, may reject a nominal bid advance.

Reserve Bidding
All Lots are being sold with a “reserve,” a price below which the Lot will not be sold. Any bid submitted below the reserve price will not result in the purchase of a Lot.  Reserves may be decreased or removed at any time.

Disputes between Bidders
In case of any dispute between bidders, Posh Opp Shoppe, at its sole and complete discretion, may reopen the bidding pursuant to specific terms determined by Posh Opp Shoppe between the two highest bidders only, until the item is sold. If a dispute arises after the sale of any lot, Posh Opp Shoppe’ records shall be deemed conclusive in all respects.

Instagram Bidding

Where an auction is hosted on the Posh Opp Shoppe Instagram page (@poshoppshoppe_),

bids will be confirmed by the moderator and who will, at the conclusion of the auction, nominate either that an item has been passed in or will privately contact the successful bidder to arrange payment and shipment. 

Posh Opp Shoppe disclaims any liability for damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental, resulting from bids not spotted, executed, or accepted. Bidders should also be careful to bid on the correct lot and ensure that his/her bid is for the amount intended. Posh Opp Shoppe is not responsible for computer or human error which may result in any customer dissatisfaction. We reserve the right to accept or reject any and all bids or bidders. Posh Opp Shoppe reserves the right to request a deposit at any time for what Posh Opp Shoppe considers excess bidding to continue to bid in a specified auction.  The sale is complete when Posh Opp Shoppe so announces.

Time of the Auction
An auction starts and will close on the dates specified on the auction item’s detail page. However, Posh Opp Shoppe follows the 15-minute Overtime rule. This rule means that the auction can continue for an additional fifteen (15) minutes, up to four (4) times totalling one (1) hour, for verified bidders that have bid on any particular lot prior to the close. The auction has ended when Posh Opp Shoppe’ website indicates the auction is closed.

Sale by Lots
Posh Opp Shoppe reserves the right to include in the auction any Lot and the right to withdraw any Lot prior to posting for bids at the beginning of the auction. Posh Opp Shoppe may combine, subdivide, regroup or reorganize any Lots.

Each Lot shall disclose what Authentication accompanies it. The buyer should not bid on a Lot if he or she is uncomfortable with the authenticator.  We will issue refunds on items, under certain conditions that have been legally found to be fraudulent, or unauthentic.

We are here to offer Customer Service to our clients and returns will be accepted under certain conditions which will be determined by the company.  In our 30 years of experience, we have not had any issues. Items are sold with the Letter of Authenticity as described and items will not be refunded due to differing Authenticators and Authentication opinions.

For cards and autographs appearing without professionally grading, we strive to accurately assess quality. However, Posh Opp Shoppe does not guarantee their opinion and the Buyer assumes the risk. Posh Opp Shoppe is not responsible if a professional evaluation disagrees with Posh Opp Shoppe’ opinion or with other Authenticators’ opinions.

At the conclusion of the auction, the successful bidder will be asked to nominate whether they want the item posted or they will pickup from the Posh Opp Shoppe at 484 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia. Once this has been established, a payment link with details of the total amount (including freight charges if applicable) will be sent to the buyer for full payment by credit card or Google Pay. Once the full payment has been made, the item will be made available to the successful bidder by the method established above. If any Bidder/Buyer does not pay Posh Opp Shoppe for any Item(s) within forty-eight (48) hours after the end of an Auction, Posh Opp Shoppe has the right to offer the item(s) to the 2nd highest bidder for payment. If Auction does not have a 2nd highest bidder, the item may be relisted for sale online or added to another auction lot in the future. Failure to fulfill Buyer’s payment obligations will affect future bidding privileges. All amounts quoted are in Australian dollars.


Where the successful bidder nominates to have the item posted to an address in Australia, a flat fee of $15 will be charged. If the successful bidder nominates a postal address outside Australia, Posh Opp Shoppe will advise them of the freight charge.

Acceptance of Terms
A bid placed by any person shall be conclusive proof that he or she acquainted himself or herself with the terms and conditions of sale and agreed to be bound by such terms and conditions prior to placing any bid.

Breach of Contract
If this Agreement, or any terms and conditions announced by Posh Opp Shoppe, are not complied with, in addition to other remedies available to the seller by law, including without limitation, the right to hold the Buyer liable for the bid price, Posh Opp Shoppe may: (1) publicly or privately resell the property, with the non-complying Buyer being held liable for the payment of any deficiency purchase price, plus all costs incurred; and/or (2) cancel the sale and retain as liquidated damages all payments made by the non-complying Buyer.

Limitation of Liability

If any provision of this Agreement is declared or determined to be null, void, inoperative, illegal or invalid for any reason, the validity of the remaining parts, terms or provisions will not be affected thereby and they will retain their full force and effect, and said null, void, inoperative, illegal or invalid part, term or provision will not be deemed to be part of this Agreement.

Applicable Law
The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that this Agreement is made and entered into in the State of Victoria, Australia and will in all respects be interpreted, enforced and governed under the internal laws (and not the conflicts of laws) of the Victoria.



All online items are sold in “as is” condition.  A limited guarantee is offered with regards to the following: Weight, size, estimated value, origin, grade, quality, age, condition, rarity, and importance, are not guaranteed for any item. All sales are final unless a gross error on description has been made. Any disputes must be made within thirty (30) days of receiving the item. No returns will be accepted without a valid return authorization from Posh Opp Shoppe. Posh Opp Shoppe will not refund above and beyond the original costs.  Any additional charges incurred by the winning bidder, including insurance, return shipping, etc. will not be covered by any refund.

30-Day Refund Resolution Policy except where exclusions apply.

List of Excluded Reasons:

  1. Item not received on time.

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